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New Jersey's Draft Energy Plan Includes Support for Microgrids

Peter Maloney, Microgrid Knowledge Summary The most recent iteration of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan (EMP) includes provisions that could boost the development of microgrids in the state. The draft plan also calls for a microgrid feasibility study to determine if microgrid projects...

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A City's Climate Toolbox: Exploring Water-Based District Heating and Cooling for Metro Boston

Summary The cities of Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville charged MAPC in 2018 with the task of recommending governance frameworks that could enable water-based district energy (WBDE) systems. These communities seek transformative strategies to fulfill ambitious climate goals. This session...


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Implementing Boston's Microgrid and District Energy Regulations

Translating the policy, of Boston's Microgrid and District Energy Regulation into technical reality required the development of a step by step collaborative process intended to educated real estate developers, while identifying solutions that are economic viable, commercially acceptable, provide...


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Boston Smart Utilities Policy - Advanced Energy Solutions for New Large Developments in Boston

The Boston Smart Utilities Policy (adopted 2018), calls for new large developments to carry out a Feasibility Assessment (FA) and a Master Plan (MP) for advanced energy solutions for sustainable, resilient, and equitable neighborhoods. While the FA studies technical and financial feasibility,...


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Community Microgrids: Time for a New Regulatory Compact?

Summary Electricity regulation has mostly remained unchanged for the last 100 years. States enter into a “regulatory compact” with electric utilities whereby the State grants the utility an exclusive franchise right to provide electric service to customers within a specific service territory in...


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Resilient Cities and the New Energy Paradigm

Summary When electrical energy flows uninterrupted, cities stay competitive in an ever-changing digital economy and can rebound from the shocks of natural disaster and security threats. With the growing impact of natural disasters affecting cities of all sizes, the reliability and flexibility...


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The National Policy Landscape and Regulatory Update

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speaker Baird Brown, eco(n)law #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #2019 #Microgrids #Workshop #PolicyandRegulation #MRC #eco(n)law

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Initiatives in Hawaii & California and Opportunities for Third Party Microgrids

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speaker Allie Detrio, Engie #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #2019 #Workshop #Microgrids #ENGIE #PolicyandRegulation #California #Hawaii

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A Capital Case for Microgrids

Summary Utility regulators in Washington, D.C. launched the Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability (“MEDSIS”) working group process to formulate recommendations for modernizing the city's electricity grid in furtherance of achieving climate and renewable energy...

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Congress Pushes For Storage, Renewables to Have Same Private Investment Incentives as Fossil Fuels

Robert Walton, UtilityDive Summary A bipartisan and bicameral group of lawmakers has introduced a bill to allow clean energy technology companies to form master limited partnerships ( MLP ) , a move aimed at boosting private investment. Currently, only investors in fossil fuel-based...