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As PG&E highlights potential need for fossil fuels to address power shutoffs, groups press for more storage

Utility Dive Summary PG&E’s broader strategy to reduce the impacts of its shut-offs includes three programs: upgrading certain substations so they can operate as islands when transmission lines are de-energized, providing technical and financial support to communities that want to...

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Disadvantaged California Community to Host the Largest Advanced Energy Community Built on Blockchain

Emily Holbrook Summary The Energy Coalition and Community Electricity, in collaboration with UCLA and a consortium of partners, have been awarded a $9 million California Energy Commission (CEC) EPIC grant. The Bassett-Avocado Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC) is a local,...

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How to help buildings consume even less energy

Finance and Commerce Summary Although the coronavirus pandemic has dominated recent headlines, climate change hasn’t gone away. Many experts are calling for a “green” economic recovery that directs investments into low-carbon energy sources and technologies. Buildings...

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PG&E’s Plan to Mitigate Blackouts This Wildfire Season: Lots More Diesel Generators

Greentech Media Summary Pacific Gas & Electric is turning to a decidedly low-tech solution to keep its customers’ lights on for this year’s coming fire season: mobile diesel generators. The bankrupt utility is struggling to secure its grid from causing more deadly wildfires and has...

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100% Renewable Energy: The emerging power of microgrids

Red Green and Blue Summary Over many decades, the centralized power grid — a one-way flow of electricity, generated by large, remote power plants and distributed over miles of transmission lines to homes and businesses — succeeded in delivering electricity across continents to billions. But...

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Microgrids for a More Resilient California: Key legislation and outlook for regulatory evolution

Summary Against the backdrop of uncertainty caused by COVID-19, legislators and regulators in the state of California continue to advance policies intended to enhance community resiliency, strengthen infrastructure and reduce carbon emissions. Following the framework set by SB 1339, the...

MRC Webinar Microgrid Policy Legislation in California_FINAL.pdf

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CleanSpark developing software that helps companies become more energy efficient

Proactive Summary CleanSpark Inc ( NASDAQ:CLSK ), based in Bountiful, Utah, develops software to help companies become more energy efficient. The company also designs and builds microgrids while providing engineering, consulting and turn-key implementation services. It also offers software...

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In Puerto Rico, a glimpse of the future of resilient energy

The Hill Summary After the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the island of Puerto Rico went dark. Much of the island remained without power for months, with the last areas re-connected to the grid nearly a year after the storm . More than $3.2 billion was spent getting on restorations...

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Why Microgrids Hold The Key To A Green Future

Extra Newsfeed Summary The current energy macrogrids are beset by inefficiency and unreliability. Changing the way we distribute energy is crucial to climate action. The energy industry currently works something like this: coal, oil, gas are used to heat water this water turns into...

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FuelCell Energy Celebrates Significant 10 Million MWH Milestone

Oil & Gas 360 Summary FuelCell Energy, Inc. a global leader in fuel cell technology -- with a purpose of utilizing its proprietary, state-of-the-art fuel cell platforms to enable a world empowered by clean energy -- today announced achievement of a significant energy output milestone...