About MRC

What is the Microgrid Resources Coalition?

About the Microgrid Resources Coalition

Formed in 2013, the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is a non-profit organization comprised of owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors in the microgrid industry working together to advocate for policies and regulations that support microgrid deployment.

The MRC promotes widespread implementation of microgrids through laws, regulations, and tariffs that support microgrid access to the market, compensation for services, and a level playing field for deployment and operation.

In 2016, the MRC was integrated into IDEA in order to strengthen resources, utilize existing IDEA platforms for communications, conferences and education, to accelerate MRC growth, and enhance focus on advocacy. The MRC re-invests net proceeds from conferences back into advocating for the industry.

Our Mission

The mission of the MRC is to promote microgrids as energy resources by advocating for policy and regulatory reforms that recognize and appropriately value the services that microgrids offer, while assuring non-discriminatory access to the grid for various microgrid configurations and business models.

MRC Priorities for the Future

In the past year, the MRC has filed comments in several ongoing FERC proceedings on resiliency and storage, as well as state proceedings in California, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Looking ahead, the Coalition seeks to promote industry growth by focusing advocacy efforts on the following policy priorities:

  • Microgrids
    • New dockets that are specifically related to microgrids will provide direct opportunities to address all of MRC’s priorities
  • Eliminating Regulatory Barriers
    • Look for opportunities to expand the rights of customers and communities to self-generate, to purchase electricity from third parties behind the meter, to access wholesale markets, and to create or participate in community energy solutions.
  • Resiliency
    • Educate regulators, governments and the public about the real sources of resiliency and what this means for the grid of the future
  • Utility 2.0
    • Support utility incentives to build out the grid of the future and provide grid access to customers and communities. 

Join the MRC to help set the policy agenda for the future.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Behind-the-meter generation is rarely treated the same as generation that's directly on the grid, often to the disadvantage of microgrids and we're trying to even the playing field.” Baird Brown, eco(n)law

“What we're trying to do is advocate for microgrids in general. What we really want to do is encourage policies that enable microgrids because we see so many benefits to having this in concert with the larger grid.” Ted Borer, Princeton University

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