About MRC

What is the Microgrid Resources Coalition?

About the Microgrid Resources Coalition

The Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is a consortium of owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors formed to advocate for policies and regulations that support microgrid deployment.

 The Microgrid Resources Coalition seeks to advance microgrids as energy resources. The MRC promotes widespread implementation of microgrids through advocacy for laws, regulations, and tariffs that support their access to the market, compensate them for their services, and provide a level playing field for their deployment and operation.

Our Mission

By providing power when the grid is down and energy savings when the grid is operating, microgrids meet their hosts’ needs for enhanced reliability, energy savings and reduced emissions. By responding flexibly to the needs of the grid, they deliver energy, capacity, and ancillary services that improve the reliability of the bulk power system and the efficiency of energy markets. The MRC advocates for policy and regulatory reforms that recognize and appropriately value these services, while assuring non-discriminatory access to the grid for a wide variety of microgrid configurations and business models.

MRC Priorities

The Coalition seeks to promote industry growth through fair and broad-based regulation. Through member working groups and with the help of an advisory committee of leading industry stakeholders the coalition will:

  • Define the microgrid resource in the context of each regulatory scheme to seek parity for resources with similar capabilities and non-discriminatory treatment where microgrids can provide exceptional performance.

  • Identify all of the layers of services being provided to and provided by microgrids including energy market and ancillary services, locational capacity, transmission distribution and related reliability services, and local and regional resiliency services.

  • Seek to insure compensation for all levels of services through competitive markets.

  • Establish the basis for reasonable tariffs than do not discriminate between wires and generation and among end users, distribution companies and independent developers to the extent that they provide equivalent reliability and adequacy services.

  • Seek ways to implement and incentivize integrated reliability planning that accommodates the interests of private sector and regulated infrastructure investors, state and federal regulators, and stakeholders.

  • Support local governments in their efforts to achieve more resilient and cost–effective energy infrastructure.

  • Join the conversation to define the utility business model of the future.

What Our Members Are Saying

“The MRC is the only organization that advocates for the emerging microgrid industry in front of state and federal regulators. We combine forces to take well-informed and balanced positions that persuade regulators and policy makers to take the right steps to advance our industry.” Dirk Van Ouwerkerk, Anbaric

“Behind-the-meter generation is rarely treated the same as generation that's directly on the grid, often to the disadvantage of microgrids and we're trying to even the playing field.” Baird Brown, Drinker Biddle & Reath

“What we're trying to do is advocate for microgrids in general. What we really want to do is encourage policies that enable microgrids because we see so many benefits to having this in concert with the larger grid.” Ted Borer, Princeton University

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