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that recognize and value microgrid services for resilience and grid support

White Paper Released:
A New Market Pathway for Microgrids
Distribution Support Service Agreements

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New White Paper: A New Market Pathway for Microgrids

In partnership with The Energy Foundation, the IDEA Education Foundation brings you this first white paper in the Microgrid Educational Series focused on demystifying and advancing microgrids.


MRC Participates in CA PUC Microgrid Workshop

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the MRC presented at the California PUC Microgrid Workshop in San Francisco California. The MRC's presentation outlined solutions that California can deploy to enable microgrid development and deployment.


MRC Comments on California Microgrid Proceeding

MRC outlines their suggestions for the CA Commission to eliminate barriers to microgrid deployment to increase resilience and meet decarbonization goals.

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