Upcoming Events

Microgrid 2017 Conference

November 6 - 8, 2017, Boston, MA

Microgrid 2017, jointly hosted by the MRC, International District Energy Association (IDEA) and Microgrid Knowledge, will bring together microgrid owners and operators, utility leaders, project developers and technology innovators with regulatory experts and influential policymakers. This program will emphasize practical, real-world experience coupled with forward- looking experts. Tours of working microgrids in pharma, healthcare and higher education will be available. Don't miss this elite program. Register today!


Past Events

Microgrid Summit- Microgrids: Transforming the Grid

December 7, 2016

Washington, DC - The Microgrid Summit was jointly hosted by the MRC and International District Energy Association (IDEA). The Summit featured a full day conference with panel discussions centered around the regulatory market for microgrids. Click here to read Microgrid Knowledge's article on the event.

Briefing "District Energy, CHP, Microgrids: Resilient, Efficient Energy Infrastructure"

December 6, 2016

Washington, DC - The MRC, International District Energy Association (IDEA), and the Environmental Energy Study Institute (EESI) held a briefing providing policy guidance and showcasing proven technologies and exemplary cases that illuminate the potential for more robust U.S. investment in district energy microgrids. 

Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI)

December 8, 2015

Trenton, NJ - MRC Board members Ted Borer (Princeton University) and John Webster (ICETEC) will be speaking at this meeting of key regulators, policy makers and representatives from utilities and ISOs.  Their topic was Case Study: Operating a Microgrid in Response to Price Signals. 

Grassroots Summit: The New Distributed Grid: Assets and Business Models

December 8, 2015

New York City, NY - The grid is the most complex and ambitious machine that people have ever built.  It has been an incredible engine for economic expansion, but faces disruptive change. For both economic and energy security reasons, customers are seeking to develop new energy solutions both individually and through local co-operation.  New assets and business models are emerging.  Traditional utilities and distribution companies feel threats to their business model and the pressure to transform to avoid revenue erosion.  Regulations and markets are responding - adapting their rules to the rise of competitive distributed resources.

IDEA's 106th Annual Conference and Trade Show

June 28-July 1, 2015

Boston, MA - IDEA 2015: Inspiring the Next Generation.   IDEA2015 is an international forum shaping the next generation of energy for cities, bringing together experienced global industry leaders from across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to discuss and debate the state and the future of energy.  After decades of business-as-usual, the utility industry is quickly transforming the way it generates, distributes and values energy, particularly as it relates to more sustainable and resilient cities and communities.  IDEA2015 will explore best practices in developing, owning and operating district energy, CHP & microgrids in cities, drawing from local operations including Boston campuses, pharma and biomedical industries, and medical institutions.

Microgrid Development for Public and Private Sectors EAST COAST

March 3-5, 2015

New York City, NY - Marcus Evans hosted the conference, "Empowering Grid Resilience Through Innovative Technology, Hardened Infrastructure and the Continuous Advancement of Regulatory Policies and Projects." The conference brought together the industry's top innovators to discuss microgrid research and recent case studies.

IDEA's 28th Annual Campus Energy Conference

February 10-13, 2015

Denver, CO - For more than 100 years, IDEA conferences have been at the vanguard of the district energy industry.  With a focus on peer exchange, best practices and business development, the IDEA campus conference has proven invaluable for connecting with other like-minded campus utility professionals and keeping pace with new information.  Since campus professionals face many of the same challenges in planning and operating efficient, reliable campus utilities, this conference provides an atmosphere of open exchange and collaboration that is focused and unique.  "Clean Energy for the Next Generation" served as a forum for district energy dialogue with practical training and unparalleled access to proven-in-practice insights.  The MRC conducted a workshop at this event.

Pew Charitable Trusts Policy Summit

February 2-3, 2015

Washington, D.C. - The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Clean Energy Business Network hosted a policy summit: The New Energy Landscape: Policy and Progress in 2015.  MRC Board Member Steve Corneli partipated in a panel discussion, "The Next Generation of Utilities," which explored innovative financing and regulatory approaches driving a transition to cleaner and more resilient sources of power, as well as residual obstacles to meeting these goals.

Grassroots Energy Summit: The Microgrid Future

October 16, 2014

New York City, NY - End-users of electric power are developing microgrids into a new class of energy resource. By integrating distributed generation, load management and storage (thermal and electric) in smart networks, microgrids transform passive load into responsive grid resources providing energy, ancillary services and demand management. Microgrids enhance resiliency by isolating from the grid and self-generating and self-balancing in emergencies. Because they employ thermal and electric load management, microgrids achieve substantial fuel savings and reduce carbon pollution. Microgrids represent a promising new avenue to improve grid performance and realize the promise of the smart grid. This seminar explored the capabilities, opportunities and financing possibilites with microgrids. Speakers included leaders in microgrid development, among them founding members of the Microgrid Resources Coalition.