Strategic Collaboration

Strategic Collaboration:

December 16, 2014:  On December 16, 2014, MRC members attended a meeting with Department of the Navy leadership at the DC Naval Yard to discuss the Navy’s development of advanced microgrids.    Attendees discussed how microgrids can help the DON reach its goals of energy security, reliability and cost reduction, under all operating conditions.  The MRC participants highlighted  how larger, more advanced microgrids drive lower overall energy costs while at the same time providing more security and reliability when compared to networks of backup generators.  The financial structuring of advanced microgrid projects, including public private partnerships, was discussed.   Development strategies including working with local utilities and third-party operators to allow bases to support the grid with services and capture the value of building a larger, more robust microgrid were highlighted.          

December 3, 2014:  On December 3, 2014, MRC Members met with representatives of the NJ BPU to engage in a stakeholder process regarding the Energy Resiliency Bank.  The issues addressed related to the use of microgrids to provide efficient emergency and non-emergency power, including power to critical facilities (first responders, hospitals, control centers, etc.) and approaches to developing a tariff for multi-user microgrids.