Hosted Events

Hosted Events:

Microgrids: Transforming the Grid Summit

December 7, 2016, Washington, DC - The intensive one day program featured recognized industry practitioners and thought leaders from operating University microgrids, developers, suppliers and system integrators involved in emerging projects, to leading policy and regulatory specialists, technology providers and more. This elite lineup of industry experts shared their insights and experience in a series of panel discussions ranging in topics. 

Grassroots Energy Summit: The Microgrid Future

October 16, 2014, New York City, NY - End-users of electric power are developing microgrids into a new class of energy resource.  By integrating distributed generation, load management and storage (thermal and electric) in smart networks, microgrids transform passive load into responsive grid resources providing energy, ancillary services and demand management.  Microgrids enhance resilience by isolating from the grid and self-generating and self-balancing in emergencies.  By integrating thermal and electric load management, microgrids achieve substantial fuel savings and reduce carbon pollution.  Microgrids represent a promising new avenue to improve grid performance and realize the promise of the smart grid.  The seminar explored the capabilities, opportunities and financing possibilites with microgrids.  Speakers included leaders in microgrid development, including founding members of the Microgrid Resources Coalition.