MRC Action

Working Groups and Initiatives

MRC working groups focus on the development of specific energy and ancillary service market tariffs and regulatory improvements. Areas for innovation and leadership include:

  • Reforming capacity markets in recognition of the ability of MRs to provide generation in addition to demand response;
  • Updating energy and ancillary service markets to allow for resources that can provide energy, regulation, synchronized reserve and other services in a simultaneous or complementary fashion;
  • Updating reliability frameworks in recognition of the ability of MRs to become their own balancing authority when islanded, to export when needed, to avoid and reduce contingencies and to increase the density of hardened and responsive infrastructure;
  • Reforming the transmission planning process in recognition of MRs as an alternative to new large scale transmission and generation;
  • Updating congestion and transmission enhancement mechanisms to provide MRs compensation for congestion relief; and
  • Recognizing MRs’ black start capabilities.

In the future, tariffs will require further updating to accommodate multi-directional interactions between MRs and the regional balancing authority.

Wholesale Markets Group

This working group focuses on issues regarding the federally regulated wholesale energy, capacity and ancillary services markets.  This group has been working on, among other things, FERC Order 745 and PJMs imposition of a new test for Economic Demand Response market participation affecting microgrid participation.   To read this working group's recent filings, click here.

State Initiative Group

This working group focuses on state level issues, including issues arising at specific state public utility commissions, regarding support for microgrids and removal of regulatory barriers.  To read this working group's recent filings, click here.