About MRC

Who we are:

The Microgrid Resources Coalition is a consortium of leading microgrid owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors formed as an unincorporated nonprofit association under the laws of the District of Columbia.


The purpose of the MRC is to advance microgrids as energy resources.  The MRC promotes the widespread implementation of microgrids through advocacy for laws, regulations and tariffs that support their access to market, compensate them for their services, and provide a level playfield for their deployment and operations.   

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a local electric system or combined electric and thermal system:

  • that includes retail load and the ability to provide energy and energy management services needed to meet a significant proportion of the included load on a non-emergency basis,

  • that is capable of operating either in parallel or in isolation from the electrical grid, and

  • that, when operating in parallel, can provide some combination of energy, capacity, ancillary or related services to the grid.

Who can be a member?

Any corporation, partnership or similar organization, or a subsidiary or division of such an organization, that is significantly engaged in the operations and development of microgrids and is committed to promoting the mission of the association is eligible for membership in the MRC.  

  • "Significantly engaged" means that an organization owns or operates a microgrid, is directly engaged in developing, supplying or investing in microgrids, or is an organization a significant proportion of whose membership would qualify as direct members of the association.  

  • Entities that support the MRC’s mission, but are not significantly engaged with a microgrid, may apply for associate membership.

  • All memberships require steering committee approval.